Attractions and archaeological sites worth seeing:


The castle of Serifos, built at the end of the medieval period, was at its highest point and had a protective nature because of the raids of that time. The church of Agios Konstantinos where you get lost in the sunset and your soul calms with the deep blue. A little further down is the church of St. John the Theologian, built on a rock pit on the ruins of an ancient temple of Athena. In the catacombs of this church, the head of Medusa is hidden according to tradition. The Folklore Museum located in the Lower Country which aims to present to us the heritage of the place. It contains, inter alia, elements of the daily life of the Serifians.


A circular marble structure that was probably built for an observatory in the 4th century BC and is located above the Koutalas bay.


This is a small seaside village of Serifos. In the meadow it is interesting to see the administration, the abandoned mines with the imposing buildings and the massive machinery. There are old wagons, landing gear, dilapidated buildings and rails.

There is also the memorial to the miners who lost their lives in the outbreak of 1916.


Built in 1572, the monastery is one of the most important religious sites in Serifos. The building is of a fortress character with a high exterior wall, loopholes and an inner courtyard. The monastery is male and accessible.